Yes, another blog. But why? I couldn’t think of a single, all-encompassing reason, so I am making a list:

1. I am bored.  I had my blog in Friendster while Friendster is still “in” and then I discovered Multiply, so I moved there and have been writing there until now. But I have gotten bored. I need a change of space, a new environment. So here I am.

2. I have been influenced. Most of my book-loving friends, particularly my Goodreads friends, have book blogs and I’m tempted to start one myself. I hope I will be able to give justice to the books I’ll be blogging about and that I will not make a fool of myself, attempting to write when I really couldn’t.

 3. I’m on a whim. I admit that starting another blog could well be one of my crazy whims. Boyfriend calls it one of my “kaartehan.” It’s a good thing blogging is free of charge. My whims won’t cost me anything except my time.

 4. I really love to write. I am no literary expert nor am I a sensible writer, like Jessica Zafra. But I just love to write. It’s my one way of taking a break from the monotony of work. WordPress offers me the adequate spaces I need for the randomness of my writings as well.

 So far I’m loving it here. It feels like moving in to a new place, decorating and furnishing it with the just the right look and the right items to suit my needs and my fancies. I have the feeling this will be my home for a long time. 🙂


7 thoughts on “ANOTHER BLOG?

  1. Hullo Lynai!

    So here’s the place where we’ll see your “lynaisms” in the future.

    Good luck with you blog. But you seem to have nice start here, as I see.

    • Thanks Jzhun. But as you can see, I haven’t written any book reviews yet. For the simple reason that I haven’t finished reading ANY book as of this time yet. I’m actually wondering how I would be able to go around starting a book blog when I couldn’t even find the time to read. Hahah!

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