bookblog supposedly

When I created this account, I had planned to put all my book reviews in here. It’s been almost 3 months  and I still haven’t posted any book reviews. More so, I haven’t written any decent post about books! How horrible can that be? Anyway, what’s more disappointing is that within the span of 3 months, I only got to finish one book. One book, imagine that. When in the not so distant past I can finish one paperback overnight, not counting those Precious Hearts Romance paperbacks that could be disposed after 2 hours!

Well, maybe this utter failure is already a sign that I couldn’t be a decent book blogger. What I mean by decent is that I couldn’t keep a regular book review blog for the reason that I couldn’t keep a regular reading habit. But that doesn’t mean that I’m giving up this blogsite. Or of writing for that matter. Coherent may be the words  or not, writing to me is a refreshing activity. So I will still write posts from time to time and pardon me if they will not be about books. I still plan to write book reviews, though. I just have to find the time — and the skills. Haha.

In the meantime, I’ll be content reading through my favorite book bloggers, most of whom I “met” in the Filipinos Group in Goodreads. And somehow still wish that I could become as wonderful writers as them. 🙂