The Sunday started as a typical Sunday for me. I was late for church. Blame it on my slothful pace. The pastor talked about the path of love, mentioning three points but emphasizing on one: Love the unlovable. And this includes those who hate you, those who persecute you. We left the church with anticipation of a blissful Sabbath. Little did I know that the day will turn out to be quite different from what I anticipated.


My mother, sister and I crowded inside the tricycle towards home. I requested my sister to hold my wallet and Bible. Along the way, my legs got cramped and when I moved trying to get blood flowing in my right leg, my wallet and Bible slipped off from Laly’s lap and landed on the pavement. The driver stopped the tricycle to retrieve my belongings and when we got home I checked my cellphone inside the wallet that fell from the tricycle earlier. The power was turned off. When I turned it on, foreign characters showed on display. My cellphone was damaged.


I was utterly frustrated. I loved that cellphone. It wasn’t of the high end variety and it wasn’t that expensive. But I loved that cellphone. It held dear memories and valuable contacts. It wasn’t exactly that old, either, I had it with me for just over a year. I am not a gadget geek but whatever gadget I own I love it to the bones. So it wouldn’t be surprising if I cried after seeing that my beloved cellphone doesn’t work anymore. I cried until my head ached.


After I was able to cry out all my bad feeling over my damaged cellphone, I watched TV to entertain myself. A rerun of Imbestigador was showing in QTV 11. The show featured families in Payatas. There was a segment about a couple with 9 kids. It was depressing to see they only had patis and rice for lunch. Some of the children only reached Grade 3 and had to stop because their parents could no longer afford to send them to school. Another kid, 12 years old but looked like 16 years old, has to work, foraging inside garbage cans, just so he could help his parents. Interviews with them showed their teary faces and it was all I needed to get over my damaged cellphone. Here I was crying over the damage of a petty gadget while a 12 year old was crying over the seeming hopelessness of his life. I was ashamed of my childishness.


My boyfriend was right. It’s not as if it’s already the end of the world. I still have an extra cellphone to use for the meantime until my other cellphone got repaired. That 12 year old boy doesn’t know where he will get the next meal for his family.


Teach me, Lord, to be thankful in all circumstances and to look beyond my temporal needs towards the things that really matter such as concern and love for others. For after all, that is what Your word has taught me this day. Amen.

*pics are from google.



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