jurassic not much

I have discovered two things tonight. To some of you this would seem petty and ordinary. But for me, this is a feat already. Considering my moronic skills at computers and technology, I consider myself very smart, well, just this time. At least I didn’t send any SOS to the boyfriend huh.  😀

First. I finally knew how to do a screenshot. Weee!

I tweet too. 😉

For some who have jurassic skills like mine, here’s how:

1. Make sure that the image you want to take a screenshot is showing on your monitor.

2. Look for the PrtSc key on your keyboard.

3. Simultaneously click the “Ctrl” (or Fn) key, whatever works depending on your computer, and “PrtSc”.

4. Open “Paint” on the Start Menu .

5. Paste (Ctrl+V) on the blank Paint page.

6. Save the file. Tadaa! Now you have your screenshot. 🙂


And second. I now know how to convert my color photos to black and white or sepia. Eeeeee. So embarrassing of me, I know. 😛

I used Windows Live Photo Gallery on this.

ehhh...cheesy overload 😛

All thanks to the internet. 🙂

And before I say goodnight, this song has been playing inside my head for the whole day. It’s a good thing it’s not an earworm.

Kyla could show some more emotions, but the song is love. 😉

Goodnight everyone! Have a happy weekend.


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