thank you!

thank you, my dear blog. you have been very dependable these past few weeks. i knew i was right when i decided to keep you despite acquiring my own domain. you were a product of what little skill i had when it comes to geeky stuff and you have served your purpose well. thank you for being my temporary haven and for welcoming be back. please don’t feel that i have abandoned you. you should know that from time to time, when i feel sentimental, i still visit you and read my old posts, and every time i do so, i feel a rush of nostalgia. you hold fond memories that will always bring smiles to me.

and now my other little corner is up and running again. i will be staying there most of the time now, but for certain i will come and visit you once in a while. you will still be my own special little corner.

until then! 🙂




As what I have said in the previous post, I will be joining some reading buddies for A Monster Calls for the whole month of October. The book is divided into 5 parts according to chapter titles, and for this week, we are scheduled to read from A Monster Calls to Grandma. I started reading last night and if I didn’t have an appointment early the next morning, I might have stayed up all night and finished the book. But then again, I want to savor the story bit by bit so I will (strongly) control myself not to finish the book in one sitting. 🙂

 Part 1: A Monster Calls to Grandma

As early as now, I already love the book because it is very easy to read, no “big” words whatsoever, no need to re-read pages before I can fully understand what the author means. Connor O’Malley is 13 years old and at his age, he has already encountered more than enough troubles: he has recurring nightmares lately, his mother is sick, his grandmother whom he doesn’t like is coming home, he is bullied in school, and worse, his bestfriend, Lily, betrayed him by telling everyone at school that his mom is ill. And then one night, he saw a yew tree turn into a giant monster. What else could go wrong?

The questions for this part are as follows:

1. “You’re a good boy,” Conor’s mother tells him. “I wish you didn’t have to be quite so good.” (p. 17) What do you think she means by that?

I’d like to answer this question by dividing the statement into two: First, “You’re a good boy” –  this is Conor’s mom’s way of affirming and appreciating all that Connor has done while she’s sick. At his age, Connor is already independent. He fixes his own breakfast, cleans the house, and prepares for school all by his own. He has shown strength of character for someone as young as him.

Second, “I wish you didn’t have to be quite so good.” Conor’s mom could be talking more to herself than to Conor when she spoke this. Because she is very sick, she could be thinking about death more now and she finds it hard to die when she has to leave someone who is “so good.”

 2. Lily was once Conor’s closest friend but now he can’t forgive her. Why? Is he right to feel betrayed?

I think yes. The illness of Conor’s mom is something that Conor feels to be a very personal matter and when Lily told somebody else about this, Conor felt angry and betrayed. Anger is already brewing inside Conor because of the circumstances and he is still in the process of accepting the fact that his mother is ill. He is trying to put up a very strong front, as a coping mechanism perhaps, and he is not yet prepared to deal with other people yet regarding his mother’s situation.

3. The monster talked about 4 stories, 3 from him and one from Conor. The one from Conor should be the truth. What do you think is this truth? (Feel free to speculate 😀 To those who’ve read this already, you can write what you first thought this truth was.)

 I think the truth that comes from Conor is that he is afraid of being left alone. He has suffered loss early in his life when his father left them, and now his mother is sick and does not seem to get well. However, Conor doesn’t want to face this truth because he doesn’t want to feel afraid. After all he is a boy, who will grow up to be a man, and a man is not supposed to feel afraid, right?


A monster calls. As they do.

But it isn’t the monster Conor’s been expecting.

He’s been expecting the one from his nightmare, the nightmare he’s had nearly every night since his mother started her treatments, the one with the darkness and the wind and the screaming. . .

This monster, though, is something different.

Something ancient, something wild. And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Conor.
It wants the truth.

For this month (which is also my birth month, just so you know :P) I will be doing a buddy read of Patrick Ness’s new book, A Monster Calls, together with Tina, Ariel, Louize, Monique, Kwesi and Celina, with Tina as moderator. Reading Buddies is currently conducted over at The Filipino Group in Goodreads where a group of at least two members decide to read a certain book together according to a schedule and post summaries and thoughts on the designated thread. I have already joined two – The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides and Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, the latter I wasn’t able to finish (sadly) because I simply suck at reading ebooks.

Anyway, with A Monster Calls, Tina will be posting a set of questions on the story according to 5 parts which is as follows:

 Part 1 – From A Monster Calls to Grandma
Part 2 – From The Wildness of Stories to Champ
Part 3 – From Americans Don’t Get Much Holidays to No Tale
Part 4 – From I No Longer See You to 100 Years
Part 5 – From What’s the Use of You to The Truth

Each of the buddies will be posting their respective answers to the questions on the thread as well as post the same on their blogs if they happen to have one.

It is no secret how much I loved Patrick Ness’s The Ask And The Answer, and I am already waiting for my copies of the rest of the books in The Chaos Walking Trilogy to arrive in the mail. So, even if my copy of A Monster Calls is an ebook (thanks, Aldrin!), I will definitely make an effort to finish the story.

Here is the book trailer of A Monster Calls which I found on Youtube: