thank you!

thank you, my dear blog. you have been very dependable these past few weeks. i knew i was right when i decided to keep you despite acquiring my own domain. you were a product of what little skill i had when it comes to geeky stuff and you have served your purpose well. thank you for being my temporary haven and for welcoming be back. please don’t feel that i have abandoned you. you should know that from time to time, when i feel sentimental, i still visit you and read my old posts, and every time i do so, i feel a rush of nostalgia. you hold fond memories that will always bring smiles to me.

and now my other little corner is up and running again. i will be staying there most of the time now, but for certain i will come and visit you once in a while. you will still be my own special little corner.

until then! šŸ™‚


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