well, hello again!




SO. I think you already know why I am here in this little corner all over again.

YES, you guessed it right. MY WEBSITE IS DOWN AGAIN! GRRRR that webhost!

BUT, it’s really great that I kept this site because at least I can still rant and rave online even (and especially) when my blog goes bonkers just like times like these. It does not help that the tech support is just  oh so “efficient” that they respond to our notice for what seems like an eternity. I kept a book blog as a hobby, a repository of my bookish rants and raves, but what good is raving and ranting if the euphoria has already passed?

And there is this nagging feeling, an intuition, that all of my recent posts could not be restored anymore (I just hope this doesn’t happen!), add to that our failure to back-up the site lately. Oh no!

So there. As long as the blog doesn’t get fixed, I will be writing here my bookish thoughts just so I won’t lose the momentum. I don’t want to dwell so much on the what could have beens because, truth be told, what can I actually do about it? Nothing, right? So. I’d better just cope fast and accept what comes my way. One thing is for sure, though. We will definitely change hosts as soon as (and if) the site gets restored. I hope it happens soon.

So, I’ll see you here for the meantime, I guess?