thank you!

thank you, my dear blog. you have been very dependable these past few weeks. i knew i was right when i decided to keep you despite acquiring my own domain. you were a product of what little skill i had when it comes to geeky stuff and you have served your purpose well. thank you for being my temporary haven and for welcoming be back. please don’t feel that i have abandoned you. you should know that from time to time, when i feel sentimental, i still visit you and read my old posts, and every time i do so, i feel a rush of nostalgia. you hold fond memories that will always bring smiles to me.

and now my other little corner is up and running again. i will be staying there most of the time now, but for certain i will come and visit you once in a while. you will still be my own special little corner.

until then! 🙂


i’m back!

Yes, I’m back. For the meantime. You see, my own domain has been down for over a week already, (I have ranted and dismayed about it for as long and have been wanting to blog for as long as well), so I am returning to this little corner for the time being, before my brain gets clouded or scattered, whichever comes first, with all the things I want to write about.

It’s a good thing I still kept this account for sentimental reasons, despite acquiring my own domain, and I felt a rush of nostalgia as I went through my previous posts here.

So, for the meantime friends, this will be my own little corner for as long as my lousy webhost does not activate my account over at the other blog.

Happy reading! 🙂

my last post

Yes. This is my last post in this little corner I have called my own for 3 months and a half. Though I could say I’m feeling a tiny bit sentimental about leaving, I also feel some sort of giddiness about where I’m going.

No, I am not leaving because I have something to leave behind here and will be start something new. I will continue living — and will continue blogging about it, but right now, life has added to me something more wonderful that I need a newer, bigger, and prettier place.

I hope I’ll still be seeing you in my own new little corner.

Life is good. And I will not stop writing about it. 😉

moving…AGAIN! (but this time it’s for good)

Three months and 10 days since my first post.

I know. I have promised I’ll be staying here for a long time.

But I am moving again. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will be for good. I am tired of the pack-and-unpack routine that moving entails.

I am telling you, though, that where I’m moving to is a better and prettier place. 🙂

This is not saying that my own little corner here has not been that good. It has served me well, albeit a short period of time. But circumstances have changed where I have to keep things a bit more organized and think about long-term goals.

I’m sure you would love where I’m transferring. I’ll keep you posted where I’ll be settling my own little corner by the time everything is all swell and running. 🙂

Hang on there. 🙂


jurassic not much

I have discovered two things tonight. To some of you this would seem petty and ordinary. But for me, this is a feat already. Considering my moronic skills at computers and technology, I consider myself very smart, well, just this time. At least I didn’t send any SOS to the boyfriend huh.  😀

First. I finally knew how to do a screenshot. Weee!

I tweet too. 😉

For some who have jurassic skills like mine, here’s how:

1. Make sure that the image you want to take a screenshot is showing on your monitor.

2. Look for the PrtSc key on your keyboard.

3. Simultaneously click the “Ctrl” (or Fn) key, whatever works depending on your computer, and “PrtSc”.

4. Open “Paint” on the Start Menu .

5. Paste (Ctrl+V) on the blank Paint page.

6. Save the file. Tadaa! Now you have your screenshot. 🙂


And second. I now know how to convert my color photos to black and white or sepia. Eeeeee. So embarrassing of me, I know. 😛

I used Windows Live Photo Gallery on this.

ehhh...cheesy overload 😛

All thanks to the internet. 🙂

And before I say goodnight, this song has been playing inside my head for the whole day. It’s a good thing it’s not an earworm.

Kyla could show some more emotions, but the song is love. 😉

Goodnight everyone! Have a happy weekend.

Time Warp Weekend in Bataan (Part 1 of 3)

It was the Halloween holidays and since our family do not religiously practice the traditional cemetery visits, I decided to take advantage of the long weekend (October 30-November 1, 2010) and booked a promo flight to Manila. Where to go upon arriving in Manila wasn’t a difficult decision as the boyfriend has long been raring me to visit him in Bataan.

Bataan has a rich part in Philippine history. Located in Central Luzon, the province is famous for the Battle of Bataan, Bataan Death March, and the controversial Nuclear Power Plant.

Our first stop was Balanga City. We took the Genesis bus from Pasay, travelled for more or less 2 and a half hours and arrived late in the evening but found the Balanga City plaza still teeming with activity by reason of an ongoing comedy show and a horror booth.

The not so freaky horror booth


 Balanga City is Bataan’s capital city. Tricycle is the main transportation  and their tricycle drivers are the most courteous drivers I have ever encountered.  We were right in the middle of the street taking pictures of the catholic church, and the tricycle drivers were so polite enough to stop and wait out of our way.

Balanga City under the moonlight

The Balanga City Catholic church

A closer look.

We checked in at the Ellison Hotel, a 36-year old hotel as I had overheard, located right at the heart of the city and at walking distance is the city plaza and fast food chains like Jollibee, Chowking, Max’s and the ever reliable MiniStop and 7-Eleven.

The hotel is a Wi-Fi spot too.

The long weekend had just started. The following day was an enriching experience as we visited Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac and Mt. Samat in Pilar. Of course, these visits belong to a separate post altogether. Soon. 🙂

fickle wickle!

A little over 3 months from the time of I set up this site with the intention of talking about books. Hmmmm…. And now I’m thinking of making this my own personal blog and setting up a different site altogether devoted to just one topic and that is, of course, BOOKS. Already I’m getting disappointed with myself and with the time I’m supposed to write my reviews. But all is not lost yet…I am STILL going to put up a bookblog, no matter how despairing my writing capabilities are.

If only writing reviews are as easy as setting up a blogsite! Haha…

Will post my link here when I have already finished putting up my new bookblog and filled it with my book reviews.

This is so embarrassing!